DevLog #1: Upcoming revisit.


So. after much deliberation, I have decided to revisit and polish up a few things in this prototype. This game was made in the way/way back of 2015 with Unity 5.x. 

The tools & the engine have greatly expanded and become significantly more welcoming to 2d games. I've also improved my own abilities in the 3 years since I made this, and I wanted to retrofit all of the improvements I know will make a significant difference to the game.

I don't really have an eta on this 0.3 build, but if I play my cards right I'll get it done soon(tm).

Thanks again to everyone who has given this game a shot! I hope you come check it out in its 0.3 state.


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Made it to the end.

Idea looks close to one I once had: phase-shifting of world and player (and weapons/enemies etc.) based on colors, but simplier (I thought of full RGB swatches), which makes fun and catchy gameplay, really. Turning off music channel on character separation is another nice feature. Good work!